There are few things more important in life than planning for the future. There are few people more qualified to assist you in financial planning than a certified public accountant.

No one understands the critical nature of saving and planning like your CPA. Yet, few accountants are trained in being able to assist you in financial planning. If you discover one who can assist you in tax strategy and financial planning, you’ll be in a strong place moving forward.

Michael Mellberg CPA has sought to help his clients through their financial journeys. After many years as serving primarily as a tax consultant he realized this was a critical service for his clients, but he was always “looking back” into what they did in the past.

He realized it was essential that he be able to help them “look to the future”. Through the years, this meant adding tax planning and strategies to his offering and eventually this lead to being licensed by the Nevada Securities Division so he could offer you 360 degree services.

There are huge advantages in having your CPA and your financial planner be the same individual. This will bring your tax strategies and your future finances into perfect alignment.


Core Principles

At Michael Mellberg CPA we are guided by some core principles in how we assist you with your financial planning and consulting needs.

  • Professional assistance to assist you in developing a long-term realistic plan.
  • Long-term approach to investment planning.
  • No market timing.
  • Disciplined approach to sticking with an asset allocation plan.
  • Fiduciary (exclusive loyalty).
  • CPA that must be objective and free from conflicts of interest.
  • Evidence based investing.

To begin planning for your brighter future, schedule an appointment with Michael today.

Retirement Planning Tool

Here is an online tool you can use to help you project your retirement needs:


Michael Mellberg CPA LLC is a Nevada State Registered Investment Advisor with its principal office and place of business located at 1755 East Plumb Lane, Suite 216, Reno, NV 89502

Retirement On Your Terms

Making you sure you have enough money set aside to enjoy the retirement of your dreams begins with excellent planning today.